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From now on

2011-01-31 00:47:09 by angryfaze

From now on i'm just giving people's flash video's and flash games a 4 so i don't have to waste my time but anything below a 8.0 on comments I'll give them a 3-1 or so on.

From now on

When's it gong to END?

2010-03-21 05:30:52 by angryfaze

You know how they say the world will end in 2012 how many people really know when it will end. How will they prove that there will be no life after the planet just f's it's self up. When we know and feel the fear of dying will there ever belife after humanbeings homosapians. What would it be like if only a few thousand of us have survived the blast of distruction. Just remember all the little things we have and cherish every moment you have as you live with no regret.

todays christmas eve

2009-12-24 21:24:04 by angryfaze

so many days i've waited for this thanks to all you who've posted on newgrounds, also congarts to those who won the flash contests. And happy holidays/happy new years.

peace out jose


2009-11-24 01:03:14 by angryfaze

WARNING to all those who make flash videos***

I rate by your average score so keep it up, and make them videos worth watching...
And if your lucky and I'm not too lazy to view it i will rate it to my likings.

Why can't I...

2009-11-20 23:18:18 by angryfaze

Why do my pictures say "This user has not been scouted yet." i don't understand because i only have 2 uploaded paintings can someone tell me what's wrong with it, if you can help thanks a lot. :)

"When life gives you lemons squirt it in someones eyes, it's funny"

Makin my DAY's

2009-11-19 16:32:29 by angryfaze

Check it out i am level ten just a few weeks of coming on and off this site of the worlds greatest flashes and their makers, this really is kind of not a waist of time and half it is... but it's worth it right :)

This weeks quote "you shall not put your hand in the cookie jar when your mom looks, or she will slap your hand really hard" - Jose - 11/19/2009
P.S. i know this stuff and it really hurts

How about that...

2009-10-28 17:52:27 by angryfaze

already level 9 almost to 10 who knows about this "Rose Red" story if you can read this and you know can you tell me where i can get a copy of the book or diary of ellen or what ever her name is i can't find any copy's, peace out - Jose -

today's quote "you will not have cake before dinner but may have some after" your mom 2009

Level 8

2009-10-03 20:51:54 by angryfaze

Ha bleep i got to level 8 even though i have been on this site for a long a$$ time but i didn't do $#!7 until i cared

Almost there

2009-09-25 21:31:05 by angryfaze

today is the 5th out of the last 5 days before i level up BONUS i'm almost there i've been off and on this site but now i know it'll be permanent this has to be the best flash site, watch the fred animated series funny but don't watch it if you like fred.